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Can I import my audio files using an RSS feed?

Yes, you can import your files via the RSS Importer.

  1. Access the Content Management System (CMS) from your upper-right profile menu.
  2. Click on the Import RSS Feed option.

You also have the option to have your files automatically updated and shared to Spreaker as you continue to broadcast on the original platform.

If you’re planning to make Spreaker your main hosting service, check out our articles explaining how to migrate a podcast to Spreaker.

What kind of files can I upload to the platform?

You can upload files in the following formats:

  • 3gp
  • aac
  • amr
  • asf
  • flac
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • ogg
  • ra
  • wav
  • wma

with each file being no more than 300MB. We are working to support additional codecs & file formats. Check back for changes.

Can I schedule a episode?


While uploading an audio file you can choose a specific date and a time to share the episode on your profile. When the episode is scheduled it will be published automatically on the date chosen.

How do I keep my audio file's quality when uploading it to Spreaker?

All audio that we stream must be in the same format: for this reason, sometimes it is necessary to transcode the audio files that are uploaded so that we can store them in the same format as every other file on the platform.

If you are uploading a compressed file to Spreaker and it is not in our internal format (see below for specs.) we need to transcode it and this double-processing can lead to audible audio artifacts.

In order to get maximum quality from your Spreaker uploaded files you can either upload them in uncompressed - or lossless compressed - format (e.g. wav of flac) or compress them using the same format we use; this way they will not be transcoded.

Spreaker Storage Format

Codec: mp3
Channels: Stereo (no joint stereo)
Sampling rate: 44.1KHz
Bitrate: 128kbps, CBR (Constant Bit Rate)

Can I upload files that I've created with other programs?


  1. Access the Content Management System (CMS) from your upper-right profile menu.
  2. Select the podcast in which you want to publish the episode - or create a new one.
  3. Click the “Upload episode” yellow button and select the files.
  4. Once done, the files will show up in the listing. You’ll be able to edit the title, pick a category, and write its tags and description by choose one of episodes.
  5. You can choose if you want to publish it immediately or make it available later by checking the “Publish later” option and picking a date and time.

I'm having trouble uploading, what can I do?

  • A weak or spotty internet connection can cause interruptions. We recommend using a cable connection rather than WiFi, particularly for larger files, as even a short WiFi connection timeout can interrupt the upload.
  • Also try using another browser.

 If uploading works in one browser and not another, check the add-ons/extensions or proxy settings you have enabled in the one that isn't working.

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